Upholstery Class at Spruce

Clar and Dixie

A few weeks ago, we did some teaching at the Spruce workshop, and boy, did we have a good time.  We had four fun personalities which led to many funny times. We actually got a little work done, too. Everyone left with a much different chair than they walked in with.  The makeovers were rather dramatic and very well executed. Take a look!

Sherri Seat

Caroline seat

Sherri and Clar fitting foam seat

Caroline and Sherri

Sherri chair before1   Caroline chair before1

Sherri and Caroline chairs after

Sherri and Caroline came all the way from New Orleans to transform these twin chairs.  They were quite rickety, but after a few repairs and a little restyling they had an incredible transformation.

Teresa marie stripping chair

            Teresa Marie Chair2 before  Teresa Marie chair1 before

Teresa marie chairs after

Teresa Marie charmed us instantly with her Scottish accent and sweet disposition. Since her chairs only had seat upholstery, Teresa knocked out two chairs, and Pixie helped!

dixie strpping chair

Dixie seat

           Dixie chair before  Dixie chair after

Dixie was so dedicated to learning upholstery, she even spent her birthday in class with us. I’d say this chair makes a good birthday gift to herself.

Flourless chocolate torte

Of course I didn’t forget to make a sweet treat for these hard workers.  In support of Amanda’s newly discovered gluten intolerance, I made a flourless chocolate torte.  This is one of my favorites.  A big thank you to all of these ladies for spending a couple days with us and allowing us to impart our upholstery knowledge.  Having great pupils always makes this class a pleasure.