Our team of skilled artisans combines their expertise with an unwavering commitment to quality, resulting in stunning furniture makeovers that breathe new life into your cherished pieces. From restoring vintage treasures to modernizing contemporary designs, we take pride in our ability to reimagine your furniture, ensuring that it reflects your unique style and stands the test of time.

Upholstery can be complicated – so we try to make it easy for you!

Our Work

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Dining Chairs

Benches, Ottomans & Stools

Beds & Headboards

Sofas, Chaises & Sectionals

Custom Pieces

Our Process

1. Contact us!

Send us an email at Design@SpruceAustin.com and please include:

-Photos of the item(s) to be upholstered OR inspiration images reflective of the piece you’d like built


-Style info – are we restyling or keeping it relatively the same?

-Fabric information, if applicable 

-Any notes – is the piece comfy? Does it need a lot of love? How old is it? 

2. Ballpark Estimate

We’ll answer you in 2-3 business days with:

-Rough labor quote based on the images, dimensions, and notes. Please note that upholstery is very much like a box of chocolates, we may find some surprises when we open up the piece!

-Rough fabric quantity estimate. Quantity can change based on type of fabric and pattern.

-Or more questions about the piece!

3. Fabric Selection!

If the ballpark estimate looks good, come see us to pick your fabric!

Our showroom is located at:

630 Canion St. 

Austin, TX 78752

We are open Monday-Friday from 9:30am to 5:30pm

No appointment necessary but always welcome!

We’ll help you source the best fabric for your project from our hundreds of vendors. We can even send samples home with you so you can pick the best fabric for your space.

Have your own fabric? COM (Customers own fabric) is subject to inspection to ensure it’s suitable for the job. We also apply a COM fee to each project

4. Deposit to Get the Project in the Queue

Once a fabric is selected, we will update your estimate and send you a link to pay a deposit. The deposit includes the cost of the fabric and a portion of the labor and puts your project in our production queue. 

Please understand we are a small shop and the production queue is a fluid calendar.  There are multiple factors that can delay or speed up a project. Although we are typically booking 6-10 weeks out for most projects, please understand things like material backorders, can greatly affect our timelines. 

5. It’s project time!

We will reach out to you when we are ready for your project!  Spruce can pick up items for a fee or coordinate the best time for you to drop them off.

Your project may take 2-4 weeks once we have begun depending on the size and complexity. We may reach out to you during the process to clarify some design questions or highlight some issues we’ve found once opening up your piece. All part of the creative process!

6. Voila!

When the piece is finished, we’ll send you a link for the balance due and help you coordinate delivery! 

We love to see the piece back in its home, please send us photos or tag us on insta! @SpruceAtHome