New Fabrics at Spruce!

This may come as a shock to you, but we received more new fabric samples and books at Spruce! More fabric: more fun, fun, fun!

New at Spruce from Robert Allen is an expanded “Naturals” offering, to include rich and saturated rusts, indigos, and mustards paired with big, chunky, tactile, and vintage-inspired texture. Check it all out below!

In the same vein, Nate Berkus has a new color collection for Fabricut. Some of my faves are to follow! The look is retro, ethnic, and in muted Mid-Century hues.

I love the new samples from Designers Guild! They are a languid summer dream in vibrant Kool-Aid colors. Techniques are the ages old shibori (better known as tie-dye) and dip-dyed ombre for that unique liquid effect. Both processes include a dye-in-water bath, and they remind me of the best summer swim. See the looks!

saraille crocus designers guild

Saraille in color crocus. There are eight colors to choose from, and it comes in a wallpaper too!

savine pale jade designers guild

Savine in pale jade from Designers Guild. Nine color ways!

As always, you’ve gotta witness the fabrics in person to appreciate their most pleasing qualities. Come see them at Spruce and make them part of your most perfect Indian summer!