Meet Spruce

Our team of skilled artisans and design experts are passionate about transforming your beloved furniture pieces into one-of-a-kind masterpieces. From cherished family heirlooms to thrift store finds, we have the expertise to bring new life and beauty to your furniture through our meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail. With an array of high-quality fabrics, trims, and finishes to choose from, your vision for your furniture can become a reality. Discover the art of custom upholstery with us and let us create a piece that truly reflects your unique style and personality. Welcome to a world of bespoke furniture that will be cherished for generations to come.

Yes, upholstery may be our bread and butter, but we also do window treatments, interior design, and have a showroom full of fabric, wallpaper and rugs.

erika and clint at harrys house
Clint and Erika showing off Spruce’s handiwork at the Harry Styles Love on Tour shows at the Moody Center in Austin, TX. Spruce helped recreate the Harry’s House album cover for fans to take pics.

After Erika and Clint met in 2015, they quickly began a game of “why not?!” with each other. Want to get married on Leap day?! Why not?! Want to convert a vintage school bus into a tiny home?! You betcha! What are your thoughts on buying a small property and attempting to homestead?! Can’t see any downsides to that! And finally… How about buying an upholstery business in Austin?!  Erika still has the screenshots of Clint’s simple, two word response… Why not?! Since taking over Spruce in 2020, Erika and Clint dove right into what makes Spruce so special: Amazing, technical, and expert craftsmanship with an eye for the unique, the quirky, and stylish. The two have grown the Spruce team to include more upholstery experts, more talented seamstresses, a drapery specialist, and an interior design team! Spruce’s new location doubled the size of the workshop and showroom and now houses more than just fabric samples.

Come see rugs, wallcovering, tile, and more!

Erika Barczak

Owner, Principal Designer

Allow us to introduce our Owner and Principal designer, Erika! Erika brings a lot of experience to our design team, having worked in the industry for over 15 years. She has received many awards and achieved impressive accomplishments throughout her career. With her creative vision and expertise, she leads our team. When not designing, Erika has a passion for dinosaurs, ramen, chocolate, and traveling.


Clint Moore


Meet Clint, the owner of the delightfully British accent you hear when you call us. Formerly a skydive instructor, he brings a sense excitement to our team. With his knowledge in fabric and upholstery, we couldn’t run the showroom without him! He’s never not cracking a joke and is sure to give you a nickname as soon as he meets you. Fun fact: he’s dabbled in underwear modeling!

Katherine Baronet

Production Manager

With more than a decade of experience at Spruce, Katherine is a seasoned expert in upholstery. She’s the essential glue that holds Spruce together. Katherine is an avid photographer who loves capturing moments with her trusty 35mm camera. When not working, you might catch Katherine playing tennis or obsessing over little objects, particularly a brand of handmade little ghosts (you’ll have to ask her!).

Upholstery & Sewing

Frank Barnhouse

Master Upholsterer

Meet Frank, our talented team member who hails all the way from Germany! With an impressive 50 years of experience as an upholsterer, Frank is a true master of his craft. He brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our team, ensuring that every upholstery project is executed with precision and skill. Aside from his upholstery skills, Frank also has a knack for knowing the best bakeries and pizza places in Austin, making him the go-to person for food recommendations. And if you’re ever in need of fashion advice, Frank’s collection of T-shirts and caps is sure to inspire.

Travis Erwin

Master Upholsterer

With his extensive expertise (37 years!), Travis is a seasoned pro in our team. When he’s not busy working (or is busy working) on projects, you can often find him jamming to the tunes of the Grateful Dead, one of his all-time favorite bands. Travis is known for his infectious laughter, which can be heard throughout the entire shop and showroom, spreading positivity and joy amongst the team. In addition to his laughter and music preferences, Travis is also known for his meticulous attention to detail and commitment to delivering top-quality work.

Rogelio(Roger) Diaz


Introducing Roger, our talented team member with a fascinating skill set. With experience as a sound mixer and a passion for upholstery, Roger brings a unique perspective to our team. Having previously owned an automotive reupholstery company, he’s now pursuing his goal of becoming a master upholsterer with our mentorship. If you happen to be searching high and low for Spruce, don’t be surprised if Roger’s colossal monster truck is conveniently blocking our sign.

Von May


Meet Von, a second-generation upholsterer who learned the trade from his dad. Off the clock, he’s perfecting his skateboard tricks and trying not to break any bones. Like half the Spruce team, he drives a cool truck, because apparently, it’s a requirement here. Von’s craftsmanship speaks for itself, showcasing his meticulous attention to detail and dedication to the art of upholstery

Waldina Barnhouse

Lead Seamstress

Waldina, skill level: expert. She’s our talented Lead Seamstress, who crafts the amazing pillows that adorn the studio, each one a testament to her artistry. With her keen eye for style and attention to detail, Waldina makes our shop look stunning for every holiday season. She’s known as Spruce’s best-dressed team member, always keeping our space looking chic and welcoming. Not only does Waldina have an eye for design, but she also keeps our team well-fed with delicious treats.

Stephanie Wulf


Introducing Stephanie: A thrifting aficionado from Iowa known for her rad outfits. She’s an extremely talented seamstress, renowned for her amazing pillow and cushion designs at Spruce (think luxurious comfort meets eye-catching elegance). She’s also very creative! Among her latest creations is a prickly cactus throw pillow, specially crafted for the Spruce team. When not in the upholstery studio you can find Stephanie baking up vegan treats, riding around on her retro bike, and casually saving the environment.

Interiors and Window Treatments

Isabel bio

Isabel Sarria

Senior Interior Designer & Window Treatments

As our window treatment specialist hailing from Venezuela, Isabel adds an extra layer of expertise and flair to our design endeavors. With a wealth of experience in the design industry, Isabel brings expertise, creativity, and a refined touch to every project. When not designing, you can find her in the stands at the Austin FC soccer games. She also has the cutest Corgi you’ll ever lay eyes on, Charlie.

Naomi Zito

Sourcing, Interior Design Assistant

Meet Naomi, the only Austinite gem on our team! As a self-proclaimed foodie, she’s our go-to guide for Austin’s hottest eateries and hidden foodie havens. Her knack for sourcing antiques and furniture allows us to breathe life into any space. When she’s not rocking it at work, you’ll find her in the company of her two adorable kitties, Willie and Waylon. She is also really, realllllly good at coming up with employee bios.

Rosie Booker

Upholstery Assistant

Meet Rosie, yet another adventurous skydiver extraordinaire! Rosie lives life to the fullest and is always seeking thrilling experiences. As an animal lover, she’s a proud pet parent to two cats and also has a fierce love for squirrels (she actually carries nuts with her, just in case she comes across any). She wears different hats at Spruce, taking on any challenge that comes her way.

Pete “Pizza”

Quality Control, Blue Lacey

Pete, the canine member of our team, has a nose for treats and a knack for chasing horse. Pete keeps us on our toes and entertained at all times. He’s a social butterfly who loves meeting new people, always ready to wag his tail and bring a smile to everyone’s face. Whether he’s poking his nose into everything or sticking to Waldina for treats, Pete is a constant source of laughter and joy.