Spruce Upholstery Tip: Leveling Sinuous Springs

If you aren’t working with coil springs on your piece, you’re likely to come across sinuous springs. These puppies, otherwise known as zigzag springs, offer good support and bounce without requiring the skill and time of tying coil springs.

Sometimes one sinuous spring just isn’t the same height as the others. You can spend loads of time taking the spring off, cutting the metal, and reattaching. Have no fear, there is an easier way!!

Spring Height 450 2

If you need to lower one of the springs by just a smidge, take a set of strong pliers and crimp in on one of the zags. This will shorten the whole spring, thus bringing down the height. Voila!

Spring Height 450 4The first time Frank showed me this trick, I was mesmerized! There isn’t much Frank hasn’t tackled and made easier to complete. I hope this helps you with your next sinuous spring project!