Deciphering Upholstery Costs: The Layers of Spruce’s Pricing

Embarking on the transformational journey of furniture with Spruce is a nuanced experience, one that involves decoding the layers of craftsmanship and materials shaping our pricing structure. In this blog, we’ll quickly chat about what we look at when coming up with upholstery estimates.

1. General Upholstery Labor

– Based off photos and general dimensions, we can provide a general estimate. Even after so many years of experience, we can only tell so much from photos so the more details, the better. We’ll do our best to ask the right questions to make sure we are as accurate as possible in our initial estimate. 

2. Unveiling Hidden Challenges

– Upholstery, much like a box of chocolates, may hold surprises beneath its fabric exterior. Some pieces are relatively straight forward…. others not so much.  An important note – reupholstering over existing fabric is a big no no! The fabric is dirty and often hiding some underlying issues.  Our craftspeople invest their expertise in stripping and inspecting before they tackle rebuilding, retying, repadding, and finally reupholstering.

3. Foam or Fills: Comfort Customized

– The next layer focuses on comfort, involving new foam, envelopes, or fills for cushions and pillows. While some pieces may only need a simple refluff, others may require the replacement of disintegrating foam. Assessing cushion conditions is hands-on, with potential added costs revealed during the restoration.

4. Fabric: A Tapestry of Colors and Costs

– Fabric options extend beyond color and texture, encompassing styles and varied prices. Good quality upholstery fabrics start at $75 per yard and go up from there.  Spruce’s showroom provides a broad range of options to suit different tastes and elevate the aesthetic of each piece.

Miscellaneous Costs:

 A. Nailhead Embellishments: Timeless Finishes

– Adding flair and sophistication, nailhead detailing incurs an additional cost but provides a timeless touch to your upholstered piece.

   B. Decorative Tape, Welt, or Gimp: Personalizing the Details

 -Attention to detail matters. Optional elements like decorative tape, welt, or gimp allow personalization, contributing to the unique character of your restored furniture.

   C. Frame Work: Crafting Foundations

 – Building from scratch involves lumber and carpentry costs, while repairing a broken frame adds another layer of expense. Addressing foundational issues ensures the renewed durability of your cherished furniture.

Understanding the layers of Spruce’s upholstery pricing is key to making informed decisions about your furniture’s renewal. Rooted in skilled craftsmanship and attention to detail, each layer contributes to the story of refined elegance and enduring comfort that defines our commitment to quality. Join us on this journey of revitalizing your furniture, where every layer adds to the narrative of timeless transformation.