Hey, it’s Erika and Clint and we’re thrilled to be celebrating TWO fantastic years since we embarked on this design adventure!  Our ever-growing Spruce Upholstery and Interior Design family started with just three employees and we’ve blossomed into a dynamic team of 13! We are certainly feeling the love and creativity that each member brings to the table.

The excitement doesn’t end there… Architectural Digest (AD) is turning the spotlight on Spruce in an upcoming article, featuring captivating photos that tell the story of our design journey. Can you believe it!? The January 2024 issue will have our beautiful Spruce in it!  

Our work is not just about creating beautiful spaces; it’s about infusing each project with personality and warmth, and those images capture the essence of what Spruce is all about. 

Our recent projects have been a whirlwind of creativity, and the diversity speaks volumes about the talents of our team. But let’s delve a bit deeper into what makes Spruce truly special—the master upholsterers, seamstresses, creators, and designers in our midst. These artisans, armed with years of experience and a passion for their craft, have turned upholstery and sewing into an art form. From intricate stitching to fabric wizardry, their expertise elevates every piece we touch.

Speaking of upholstery, our team’s journey into this intricate world has been nothing short of magical. We’ve gone beyond the basics, thanks to the guidance of our master upholsterers. Staple guns have become extensions of our hands, and we’ve discovered the joy of breathing new life into worn-out furniture. Each sofa, chair, and ottoman undergoes a transformation, becoming a unique masterpiece that embodies both comfort and style.

So, as we toast to the past two years, we’re not just celebrating Spruce’s growth; we’re celebrating the mastery of our upholsterers, the evolution of our craft, and the joy we find in every meticulously crafted piece. Here’s to the Spruce family and the unsung heroes behind the seams—may the coming years bring even more creativity, laughter, and perfectly executed upholstery stitches! Cheers to the journey! 🌟🥂