New Furniture at Spruce!

As a Valentine’s gift to ourselves we have created a few new things and picked up some exciting vintage pieces to add to the Spruce collection. When Amanda and I took our trip to Round Top this year, we found a bevy of treats. Some stayed there (for good reason) and some made it home with us. The 45th Annual Round Top Antiques Fair is actually coming up April 3rd through the 6th, so mark your calendars! Check out these random finds from our trip.

vintage pee wee herman

“I know you are, but what am I?” zapps food at round top

Treats from our favorite RT eatery, Zapps. coil springs

Coil Springs, used as flower pot holders. round top vintage chair

Muy interesante! pendleton blanket

Pendleton Blankets! vintage chairs at round top

Apparently only the chairs here are happy.

We always have a really good time even if we don’t come home with a VW bus full of stuff. We did, however, come across this next gem! The wire Eames-inspired lounger came with vinyl cushion covers that had seen better days. We decided to make new cushion covers with a shop favorite, “Utopia” by Master Fabrics. Go and peruse the Master Fabrics website for loads of other fabrics that I am sure will make their way onto a Spruce original soon!

master fabric utopiaColors like rust, teal, and a mustardy gold make this pattern really sing. With these new covers and fresh inserts you can lounge comfortably in style! Visit the Kinsey Lounger listing for more photos and details.

eames inspired wire lounger

eames lounger wire

This next piece we loved for it’s unique shape. It’s petite size makes it perfect for those of us who live in smaller yet functional spaces. To take a look at this piece, click the Horizons Cabinet listing!
antique shelf

antique shelf with doors

Amanda has an affinity for all things Asian, so when she saw this buffet, it was love at first sight! The burl wood is stunning in person, and the outline of black throughout kicks it up a notch.  Click the Lotus Cabinet listing to take a closer look at the beautiful details of this piece.oriental cabinet

asian cabinet

Lastly, this was another Round Top find we thought was a total score! This vintage arc lamp has a gold finish, which is unique since they’re often finished in chrome. The base is an extra sturdy slab of white marble, which makes it quite elegant. I am shocked one of the Sprucettes hasn’t snatched this up. Come by or click on the Vintage Arc Lamp listing to see this beauty online.

Vintage Arc Lamp brass

We have a few more projects up our sleeves that will be coming your way soon, but feel free to come by the shop to say hello and see all these gems in person. Remember, always keep your eyes peeled for that piece of furniture to complete your space. We always do!