Happy Valentine’s Day To You!

What a busy month it has been already this February! Fat Tuesday and Mardi Gras have come and conquered, and we look forward to that sweet little day that is St. Valentine’s Day. Our lovely Meredith greeted us on Tuesday with a special hand-picked and arranged bouquet, with a little love note just for each of us. See?!!!

Valentine Bouquet

Thank you so much Meredith! We love you, too, and dearly!

Legend (or Wikipedia) has it that the early Christian Valentinus was later sainted for performing weddings to soldiers forbidden to marry, and ministering to persecuted Christians. He is said to have healed his jailer’s daughter. Writing a farewell letter to her before his martyrdom in execution, he signs it, “…from your Valentinus.” And so the melodrama was born. It’s the stuff that Lifetime movies are made of!

Now, by way of more romantic efforts and modern remnants of courtly love, we exchange the ubiquitous candy, cards, and botanicals, which are lovely. But you want to give your honey something special don’t you? Stop over at Spruce to secure your win in the Valentine’s Day gift-giving competition!

Buy your sweetheart this “Flames of Passion” Headboard!

Flames of Passion Headboard

A word of advice: this item may be a better choice for those of you with a more mature bond. (Maybe not a first-date kind of gift, if you have to ask.) In any event, this item is sure to ignite a fiery reaction!

Perhaps you could pick up these “Romeo and Juliet” lamps as a symbol of your love.

Romeo and Juliet Lamps

Lamps are finished in a kitschy gold, and topped with romantic red and white graphic shades. These lamps will win you kisses, I promise!

You may want to be more conceptual in your approach to flowers in the form of an eye-grabbing textile featuring bodacious and bold florals, like this one from Robert Allen!

Robert Allen Truro fabric

Robert Allen’s “Truro” in color fuchsia. (Click “Robert Allen” for the link!) Those that are crafty will never snub their nose at a rich textile. Trust me, you have no idea how romantic this could be! (I would love to get such a present!)

Give the greatest gift of them all: manual labor! Send your beau or belle to our shop and together we’ll whip your furniture into shape! We just added a chair class in addition to our new “Upholstery Lessons” option offered throughout the spring. Click the word “class” to link to info on our website. Contact us to field any inquiries and we’ll walk you through it!

Class In Progress

Feel free to dial Spruce’s love hotline at 512-454-8181. Ask for Clar, and I’ll help you put together the best Valentine’s Day gift to remember!

Loving you always and forever, yours very truly, Clar. XOXO!