May Build Your Own Bench Class!

Another set of benches come to life! We have a rash of classes this month and had a fantastic time with the ladies in our “Build Your Own” Bench Class! We had some fun variations this time around as well. One of our students provided her own hairpin legs, giving the bench a new and different look, LOVE IT! This is a great reminder that you are more than welcome to customize your bench if you like. Just let us know and we can adjust the structure if possible. Take a look at how everything came together and drool over Katherine’s buttermilk pie. To die for!

[pe2-gallery class=”alignleft” ] IMG_9287.JPGIMG_9273.JPGIMG_9274.JPGIMG_9282.JPGIMG_9279.JPGIMG_9315.JPGIMG_9309.JPGIMG_9304.JPGIMG_9311.JPGIMG_9323.JPGIMG_9284.JPGIMG_9286.JPG[/pe2-gallery] Can’t wait for another round of redesigned chairs this coming week!