All things needlepoint!


You may have noticed a trend in the past 10 years.  It seems that anything your granny did is now becoming cool!  It started with the knitting craze, then crocheting, and now we are seeing needlepoint all over the place.  I am not one to be above trends.  In fact at the beginning of the year I made a very motivated trip to Hobby Lobby and got all the supplies that one would need to pose as a true needlepoint-er.  Sadly, that bag is currently under my bed as we speak.  I had good intentions…plus I figured, “why should I do all of this extra work when there is an abundance of  perfectly good (better) needlework to be found at estate sales, vintage shops, Goodwill, or on the internet?”  With the rediscovery of this art, we have noticed a bit of an increase in re-upholstery projects involving needlepoint.  I really like this idea.

When I used to think of needle point and upholstery, the image of a formal chair with mauve roses came to mind.  Similar to this…


Not that there is anything wrong with this, but I have since realized that there is a way to have a little more fun with needlework.  Picture back chairs are the perfect vehicle to frame a funky retro wall hanging or even to use to make unique pillows.  I am sure that there are endless ways to re-use vintage needlework. Check out some of these fun finds.

[pe2-gallery] needlepoint1.jpgNEEDLEPOINT232_I110324221754.jpgFrederique-Morrel-4.jpg[/pe2-gallery][pe2-gallery] needlepoint3.jpgMaricorMaricar_wired_01.jpgil_fullxfull.303303990.jpgstool.jpgzinnia-chair.jpggood-housekeeping_1009.jpg[/pe2-gallery]

I hope that you are inspired to search for fun needlework.  Beware…it can be quite addicting!