Spruce: In the Press and Around Town!

We are so pleased to toot our horn about being included in the current issue of Austin Monthly Magazine! We are listed as number 5 in the article, “112 Fun Things to Do in the Summer.” HOT DOG! Awesome sauce! We hope you’ll include us in your to-do list for summer and take a class, by golly!

Current Issue of Austin Monthly.

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In other news,  we were recently asked to participate in a grassroots campaign featuring local craftspeople, artisans, and business owners by our neighbors – tech/media software development gurus Red Method. Sprucettes and our class-goers were featured in a video to promote hand-made, American-made efforts. You can check out the video below:

Isn’t that special?!! You can see more footage of Austin locals by visiting the Red Method site here. Great mission from those folks: they are using current technology via apps to urge and enable us to buy local, create domestically, and pay it forward to ourselves and our neighbors. Great job Red Method! Thanks for thinking of us here at Spruce! We’re pleased to be included. Here’s a pic from the event…

Spruce girls at Red Method.

That’s that for now. Come on by the shop and reupholster local! We appreciate your support always. :)