Inspiration of the Week: Pineapples!

You want to know what’s all the rage this summer? Pineapples!

Clarisa returned from Alt Summit (see post here) with reportage that pineapples are on trend! I’ve collected some of our fabric offerings that feature pineapples, or conjure ideas of  the juicy fruit in color or texture just for you, dear readers!

One of my favorites is the Manuel Canovas Jamaica print. This pattern comes in a few colorways and sports a giant pineapple along with other vibrant citrus, passionate fruits and luscious melons that connote everything SUMMER!

man can pineapple print

man can jamaica

Manuel Canovas Jamaica shown in three different color ways.

Wikipedia says that “in the Philippines the pineapple’s leaves are used to produce the textile fiber piña, employed as a component of wall paper and furnishings, amongst other uses.”  Fascinating! How apropos!

Though the pineapple belongs to the bromeliad family (think Spanish moss and certain rosette-forming desert succulents), I can’t help but include another print idea that is so connected in my psyche: the palm. This one’s thrown in to reinforce the summery theme!

I love this next one from Duralee’s  Jalene Kanani contract collection. This fabric is built to last and has a great organic repetition – just like the pineapple!

duralee pineapple weave

Duralee’s Twine in Goldenrod; pattern 90886-264.

The Design Connection offers a cool print that is all at once contemporary, Art Deco, and a bit organic! This one’s another super durable print, and it comes in several colors.

TDC fan print red

TDC’s Miami in Red and Yellow.

I found a bunch of sweet prints from Christopher Farr that don’t feature pineapples overtly but remind me of them! See a short list of great prints from the Christopher Farr Cloth line below! The first one I included is a sweet reminder of a pineapple’s golden interior flesh and ashy, bark-like, spiny exterior.

I really loosened up on the theme for this next pattern! I was thinking pineapples, pina coladas, and then… tiki! Here ’tis! A sweet pattern that shouts “Hawaii,” the adopted home of pineapples, swinging retro times and some frothy, fruity drinks! Mahalo!

happy flowers in berry blog

Christopher Farr Cloth’s Happy Flowers in Berry (large scale shown); love the style here! Sketchy and playful, and overall decidedly artsy! Gotta have that pineapple!

cloth africana

Christopher Farr Cloth’s Africana shown in five color ways.

This pattern I chose as a riff on the pineapple skin diamond pattern texture. I love how the drawn black lines lend further to the ideas of the pineapple texture – rough, a little pokey, natural… You get it, right?!

cloth africana 3

Christopher Farr Cloth’s Africana in Green.

cloth adras lemon

Christopher Farr Cloth’s Adras in Lemon. It’s all about color here!

If you’re in the mood this summer for a pineapple or two, we can fix you up!