Spruce Upholstery Tip: Creating a Smooth Edge on Damaged Furniture

Sometimes the stripping process can take quite a toll on your furniture. Even the smallest of missing chunks will be noticeable when the fabric is pulled around the edge, especially when using a thinner fabric or a fabric with a sheen. In these scenarios, fear not! I have a very simple solution that will help you achieve a nice, smooth edge.

cardboard tackstrip1

Cardboard tack strip is a material we use for various things in upholstery. For today’s tip, I attach a strip of cardboard tack strip along the edge of the damaged side, creating a straight edge.

carboard tackstrip 2

Attach another piece of cardboard tack strip along the underside to add extra stability and structure.

smooth edge ready for upholstery

Two strips of cardboard and you are back in business. The simplest tips are always the best ones!