Inspiration of the Week: Beat the Heat!

For those of you who live in the Austin area, you are all too familiar with the mid-summer blues that creep up once the triple digits arrive. The Sprucettes are sweating it out for the third annual summer in the back workshop. Even Pixie is doing her best to stay cool with a new haircut and “Kool Collar.” So far, our record temperature is 94 degrees, which we have hit nearly every day since August 1, and we’re hoping that’s as high as it goes.

Here are some things I’ve been daydreaming about in the hot afternoons.

Striped Ice Cream Cake

Striped Ice Cream Cake

I found this delicious recipe in the July 2010 issue of Martha Stewart.

Town Lake in the fall

Town Lake Trail in Austin, TX

There’s nothing like going for a run along the lake when it’s cool.


Scarf by Yokoo

This is a must-have for this fall. Get it here!

The Abominable Snowman

Abominable Snowman

And all of the other claymation characters from the classic Christmas movies.

Shiner Cheer

Shiner Cheer

I’m buying cases of this next season, so good!

I hear there’s a cold-front coming in mid-week! Yay for mid-nineties!