Furniture Parts and Terminology

Describing furniture parts can be a mind-boggling and frustrating task if you don’t have the right descriptive terms.  Before I learned how to upholster, my descriptions sounded like, “You know, that dividing edge-thing by the front of the chair at the bottom with the cord-stuff…”  That would be a tack band with welt cord. Here are some diagrams that label the basic parts of furniture and will get you sounding like a pro in no time!  Not all pieces will have all the parts labeled in the photos and some pieces of furniture will have extras depending on the styling.

Front of furniture:

*Pink welt cord outlines the edges of the chair

Side/back of furniture:

*Attached cushions look like loose cushions but are actually sewn to the inside back upholstery.


*Diamond tufting has extra fabric pleated in diagonal lines to create diamonds. Regular button tufting does not include pleats/extra fabric.

Another handy term to know is “deck”.  If you pull your cushion(s) off your chair or sofa, you’ll see the base they sit on, which is called the deck.

Totally pro.