Nugget of the Week: VW Seats and New Retail!

Hope everyone has had a great week! We have been busy busy as always. This week, we have put out a few new treats as well as received some ourselves! First, we have two new items for sale here at the shop. This week, we completed an amazingly adorable love seat. We used a new print from Skinny Laminx that we just fell in love with! Check out the before and after of this piece; it is pretty spectacular. If you remember, we found this guy in a bit of a pickle along with a Mid-Century sectional.

Next, this unbelievable table was a jewel we found in an old barn outside of town. When we first saw it, we thought it was a vanity/desk that extended into a four-person table. Well, as we looked further, we discovered the piece has an amazing telescopic contraption that allows it to extend to a full-sized dining table! We were shocked to say the least and thought it resembled the moving mechanisms to open the vaults at Gringotts’ Wizarding Bank in Harry Potter (I know I am a huge dork). We had a good friend and wood craftsman build a new, solid mahogany top and refinish the piece. It looks incredible! Check out the carved details and the various options for how to use it! We felt it appropriate to call this piece Dr. Jekyll’s Table, you agree?!

Last, you are all aware that we have purchased a VW bus that is going to be our Spruce-mobile. We are closing in on our estimated date of completion woohoo! The gentleman who is completing the transformation brought by the driver’s seat as well as the back bench. We chose a stunning Osborne & Little fabric for the upholstery, and boy does it look good! This is not going to be your typical VW bus; I will tell you that 🙂 . We will be riding in style very soon. Take a look at Amanda giving the chair a test drive!