Before and Afters: A Turquoise Moment

There has been a theme for the better part of a month now: all things upholstered in TURQUOISE! Not every and all, but dang near a whole lot! Have a look at some of our clients’ best teal/blue/turquoise/cerulean/azure affirmations!

Engelhardt Chair Before 3.JPG

Before: Snore.

Engelhardt after 3.JPG

After: Spectacular!

Next, a pair of chairs for one client that are just scrumptious! Before…

Holland before.JPG

Thing 1.


Thing 2.

The reveal…!




Thing 1 and Thing 2 in blue harmony.

The client’s project above is a wonderful example of how to unify two disparate pieces for your interior. Use the same fabric, keep the pieces’ original styling, et voila! The contrasting chairs are in concert with each other and your interior.

More more more!

Andersson before.JPG

Before: one of an identical pair.

Andersson after 3.JPG

After: simply beautiful in a cameo/trellis print.

Andersson after.JPG

Turquoise on the double!

Again and again: some lovely mid-century seating is next. The captain’s chairs are styled in a slightly different manner than the fleet.

Croslin Captains Chairs Before 2.JPG

Dining with potential.

Croslin Chairs After.JPG

Dynamite dining!

Two “afters” follow. The arm chair came to us pre-stripped, and the headboard was a custom fabrication per our client’s design. Enjoy!


Beautiful nuanced blue and green hues for a traditional or transitional interior.

Cullotty after.JPG

Custom headboard for a whimsical child's room. Pink buttons punctuate the ultramarine background.

A provisional list of our clients’ cyaneous fabric picks:

1)  Maxwell; “Gig Harbor” in color Turquoise.

2)  Norbar; “Manning” in color Aqua.

3) Robert Allen; “Lattice Bambbk“; this color is no longer available. Other colors available are Terrain, Greystone, and Amber.

4) Robert Allen;  “Velvet Geo” in color Turquoise.

5) Kravet; “Favone” in color Turquoise.

6) Designers Guild; “Varese” velvet in color Aqua.

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