Inspiration: Eleanor Young


Ah yes!…another random internet find.  I stumbled upon the work of Eleanor Young and thought I would share her with the Spruce audience.  Eleanor Young is a Glasgow based textile designer that specializes in bold, geometric upholstery work.  Her design studio, fun makes good, offers custom upholstery services as well as retail pieces.  I admire that she mainly uses forgotten furniture as the base of her creations.  As you will see below, each piece is truly unique.  Miss Young does a fabulous job blending textures, blocks of colors, and geometric shapes.  Her work is beautifully simple yet if you take a closer look you will find a great deal of detail.

Here are a few examples of her before and after work.

[pe2-gallery] before.jpgred chair 9.jpgalice chair before.jpgalices chair side 72 dpi.jpgalices chair detail 72 dpi.jpgrachaels before.jpgred swallow chair top.jpgshapeimage_6.jpgsecuredownload.jpgFun Makes Good boomerang seat side .jpgFun Makes Good boomerang seat above .jpgshapeimage_8.jpgswallow pouffe detail.jpgshapeimage_7.jpgblock detail high resjpg.jpg[/pe2-gallery]

In addition to upholstery, Eleanor Young also has a line of housewares.  I am so impressed by her work.  This makes me want to break out the boxes of scraps that I have been collecting and make my own designs.