Nugget of the Week: Birthdays and Triathlons!

One of our Sprucettes had two big accomplishments this week! She turned a year older and completed one heck of a physical feat. This week was Katherine’s birthday, and the Sprucettes can’t resist a chance to celebrate! Katherine is definitely the master baker at the shop, so it’s fun when you get the opportunity to make a dish she loves for her! For her birthday celebration we whipped together a chicken and pasta salad that she always steals from me when I make it for lunch. For dessert Amanda made a delicious Maraschino cherries cake with white icing. Tasted as delish as it looked!

[pe2-gallery class=”alignleft” ] IMG_9878.JPGIMG_9876.JPGIMG_9874.JPGIMG_9879.JPGIMG_9880.JPGIMG_9882.JPG[/pe2-gallery]

Clar can always be counted on for the most creative cards. You can see in the photo there is a card with a shoulder-pad-wearin’ diva with a ceramic painted mask on her face. LOVE IT!!

As for the physical feat, Katherine and I got the ludicrous idea to train and participate in the Danskin Triathlon here in Austin. I planted the seed with her and since I know how competitive/stubborn 🙂 she is I knew she’d do it. We’ve spent the last two months prepping/worrying about the big race. This past Sunday was the big day and it was a blast! Physically grueling, but totally worth it. We were checking out the podium before we started to make sure we knew where we would be receiving our first and second place medals. Well maybe not first and second, but they did give us a medal booyah!! Check out some of the photos of our misery…uhh I mean victory!

[pe2-gallery class=”alignleft” ] Fullscreen capture 682012 63605 PM.jpgFullscreen capture 682012 63613 PM.jpgFullscreen capture 682012 63518 PM.jpgFullscreen capture 682012 63535 PM.jpgFullscreen capture 682012 63423 PM.jpgFullscreen capture 682012 63557 PM.jpg[/pe2-gallery]


Big week for KB! We couldn’t be luckier to have her here as a Sprucette, and we’re happy to celebrate her whenever we get the chance. You’re amazing Katherine and happy birthday!!