Art Deco Furniture

Ruhlmann Cabinet Detail

As you may already know, I have a slight infatuation with Art Deco furniture.  I love the use of luxurious materials and bold, curvy lines combined with the finest decorative details.

The Art Deco Movement (1919-1940) originated in France. After World War I, America, filled with a sense of liberation, favored the style’s use of luxury materials and sensibility for whimsical and organic forms. Wedged in between the Art Nouveau and Modernism movements, two categories of the Art Deco style emerged, one taking a more traditional approach, leaning towards feminine lines and naturalistic decoration, the other with more modern, geometric lines referencing the technology and architecture of the twenties and thirties.

It was interesting to me after researching the characteristics of Traditional Art Deco, that all of the materials so commonly used in this style are the ones I consistently gravitate towards: sumptuous leathers, exotic woods such as burr walnut, and ivory. I also happen to love inlaid wood, another detail characteristic of Traditional Art Deco. Sadly, my current selection of  Art Deco furniture is pretty limited. Here are a few things I’m drooling over:

Edgar Brandt Metal Work

Ruhlmann Chaise

Ruhlmann Cabinet Detail

Love the wood grain!