Calling all Apprentices!

We have some exciting news at Spruce. The time has come for another Apprentice to move through the ranks! Take a look at the detailed information below about this great opportunity.

We are seeking a creative, bright and hands-on individual for an eight-week apprenticeship leading into full-time employment as an upholsterer.  Apprentice must have a keen interest in working with their hands and craftsmanship as well as the motivation and dedication to learn the trade of upholstery. Upholstery training will entail one-on-one hands-on instruction at the Spruce studio. A successful eight-week unpaid apprenticeship will lead to long-term employment at Spruce as a full-time principal upholsterer.

Individual must be flexible to a fast-paced, always changing daily routine and be enthusiastic and punctual. Apprentice must possess a strong desire to learn and master the intensive, hands-on trade of upholstery. As an upholsterer, this individual must be prepared to get dirty, be able to do occasional lifting/rotating furniture (with the help of another person). Apprentice must be available (as well as extremely excited) to commit to full-time employment at Spruce upon successful completion of the eight-week apprenticeship.

We think its pretty obvious that we have a GREAT time here! At Spruce, you will get the chance to have a fun, fulfilling and non-traditional work experience. Don’t be afraid to apply! We are excited for a new Apprentice to make their way as a Sprucette or a Sprucer :).

Send through your resume and and cover letter to our email address . We can’t wait to hear from you!!


The Sprucettes