Inspiration of the Week: Jewel Tones

Color is one of the most talked about topics at Spruce. Deciding which colors look best on a certain piece of furniture, which combinations jive, which colors represent a certain style best, and the list goes on and on. When we make our own Spruce furniture, we are constantly trying to decide what colors we think best represent Spruce’s style. Lately, I always seem to find myself wanting to incorporate jewel tones into design. I love how saturated the colors are! They are bold and vibrant but also have a touch of sophistication. Jewel tones are said to be,  “rich color tones which resemble well known gemstones, either precious or semi-precious. Typically, jewel tones have a high level of color saturation, which makes them very dynamic and distinctive.”

Here are a few examples of excellent jewel tones.

If you took  a look at my closet, you would see that I have quite a few items in this color palette. The fact that these colors flatter any skin tone or hair color is quite the accomplishment! And since gray compliments (my favorite neutral) all of these colors, they are a sure winner for me. Look at these amazing examples of  the colors being used.

Not only do these colors work on any gal, but they can work in any space. These are some stunning ways to incorporate those colors into your home through fabrics and furniture!