Winter Sale at Spruce!

Happy New Year! Hope it was a peaceful holiday for you all. We at Spruce are getting the wheels turning again and trying to keep warm in our 30 degree Fahrenheit cold snap. Enjoy it while it lasts: just like this temporal Spruce event below!!!!

spruce-front-4.1x6.1 (900x605)

spruce-back-4.1x6.1 (900x605)

This post officially announces our annual Spruce Winter Sale! We are offering an immediate 10% off fabric and upholstery when both are purchased here at Spruce. The sale expires February 16th, 2013. Spruce is offering you more than a month to take advantage of these awesome savings, so come up to the shop and book your project as soon as you can. Transform your old furniture “duds” with us, and buy some of our amazing fabric too!

Our flier (pictured above) features our best reupholstery wins of 2012. Be inspired! Consult the list below if you are so compelled to use any of the above fabrics for your project. Reference them for inspiration. They’re all marvelous selections!

Clockwise, from the top:

*Pink and Blue Chair: Pink is JAB “Ponte Grande” in pink; blue base is Robert Allen “Imprint Isle” in Aquamarine

*Floral Antique Settee: Kathryn Ireland “Safi Suzani” in Fiesta

*Green 60s Modern Chair: Robert Allen “Malakos” in Malachite

*Eames Chair: Universal Leather “Tahoe” in Kiwi

*Suitcase: Robert Allen “Aztec Pathway” in Pommodore

*Gold Bust Lamps: Robert Allen “Endless Maze” in Watermelon

*Blue “Aegean” Slipper Chairs: Robert Allen “Renaissance” in Cobalt

*Blue/Green Striped Sofa: Robert Allen “Penta” in Aquatic

*Black and White Sofa: Vervain “Chalonnais” in Noir

*Multi-color Chevron Screen: Robert Allen “Color Field” in Leaf

Please call/email, or come by the shop to discuss your project and take advantage of our great steal-of-a-deal! Be seeing you soon!

Please note: Sale excludes commercial, off-site, sewing, and COM-projects. Discount must be redeemed and all fabrics selected before Feb. 16th.