Spending the Holidays with Spruce!

Our fearless leader, Amanda, lives for the Christmas season. I have on many occasions throughout the year popped my head in the office only to hear Christmas music. Her response tends to be, “I needed a boost so I turned on Christmas music!”. So it is only fitting that we have a big Christmas blowout with the Sprucettes every year. This year we had our Christmas feast at Amanda and Keith’s home, which is a treat in itself! Baked brie, brisket, green beans, mash potatoes, you name it… we had it. Here are a few highlights from the evening’s festivities!

IMG_2432 (600x900)
The table is set….

Spruce ChristmasDo not be fooled by her size, Clar will put all of that food away, trust me.

Spruce Christmas Meal
Pixie wants in on the action.

Gifts all around
Gifts all around!

Clar GiftA “Honey Badger Don’t Care!” Book for Clar.

christmas party

Finally, left handed scissors for Meredith.


There will be many mornings when this mug will come in handy.


Earings for Alejandra.


I got awesome crochet toy animals from Clar!  Proof that she really knows me.


Chocolate and Alamo Drafthouse gift cards…The key to Frank’s heart.


…and for the grande finale…a poached pear tart by moi!

As you can see we had a wonderful, heartwarming Christmas party.  It really is a luxury to get to say that you truly enjoy spending time with the people you work with.  We have had a fantastic year at Spruce, and we have YOU to thank for it.  We are looking forward to a lot of new and exciting things that will be happening this year!  Happy New Year…and have a safe weekend!