Tip: Salvation For Your Wood-Framed Furniture

I don’t know why we haven’t mentioned it before, but we hold a couple products near and dear to our hearts here at Spruce. We use them daily to give new life to the most beat-up and dehydrated wood frames and tables that we encounter. Here they are folks:

Howard Products: Restor-A-Finish:

If you have a bunged-up stained wood frame with paint marks, dry patches, nicks, scratches, heat marks, water marks, etc., this is the product for you truly. We start with a super fine sandpaper and rub away all the paint marks left over the years on the wood frame. Sand away the paint as lightly as you can; no need to further mar the surface with a heavy hand. Douse a rag with any color of Restor-A-Finish that applies to your furniture (they offer Neutral, to Golden Oak, on to darkest Ebony) and saturate into the wood. Doesn’t hurt to use a good amount of product. Be liberal with your application. There should be a good juicy shine to the wood. Then wipe off with dry cloth or paper towel. The darker the finish you use, the more color it will leave, so be sure to remove excess Restor-A-Finish where it may come into contact with clothing or upholstery. This stuff works miracles! Check out this wood-framed wing chair that is getting the treatment.


My, how dry!


Wax on, wax off!





The Natchez Solution:

Here is a wonderful, natural, very green furniture re-hydrator. This product is geared for untreated and unsealed wood furnishings and objects. Made from beeswax, mineral oil, and lemon oil, Natchez smells great and does wonders to refresh the driest of wood bones.

A tip I’ve seen on both our supplier’s sites is the use of fine steel wool to apply the product. For both, apply the compound directly to fine steel wool and lightly sand and wet the surface of the furniture simultaneously.  Always rub dry with a clean cloth or paper towel.

We are an official dealer of both products. They are at a super-affordable price of $10 to $15 dollars a pop. Both run circles around “Pledge”.  Come and get it all at Spruce – you won’t be disappointed!