Bring Your Own Chair Class!


It’s time for another installment of BYOC recap!  After a brief hiatus from classes, Clar and I were happy to welcome a new group of eager upholstery enthusiasts into our class room.  We had a variety of styles of chairs to work with and they all turned out beautifully.  Take a look at the before and after….and everything in between.

[pe2-gallery] IMG_9191.JPGIMG_9227.JPGIMG_9192.JPGIMG_9233.JPGIMG_9193.JPGIMG_9235.JPGIMG_9194.JPGIMG_9229.JPGIMG_9195.JPGIMG_9225.JPGIMG_9196.JPGIMG_9236.JPGIMG_9205.JPGIMG_9206.JPGIMG_9208.JPGIMG_9210.JPGIMG_9218.JPGIMG_9219.JPGIMG_9221.JPGIMG_9200.JPGIMG_9203.JPG[/pe2-gallery]

If you would like to participate in the fun you see, check out the different classes we offer.  I promise you’ll have fun!