The Latest and Greatest from Spruce!

Happy Friday everyone! Our production schedule has been so packed with client projects these days that we haven’t been able to dive into some new ideas for Spruce Originals. Well, be sad no more; we have some new pieces hot off the line! First, Amanda found this pair of chairs and saw the potential.

First, who doesn’t love a pair!? It’s my personal dream to have a pair of chairs some day that are outrageous. After some deliberation, we decided to go with a classic color combination, black and white. Works well on almost anything! Next, we chose to go with a style that can’t go wrong, stripes. Take a look at the fabric we landed on.

We also decided to refinish the wood frames to better feature all the knotty detailing that makes these chairs so amazing.

Lastly, we added back cushions for greater support and in the process discovered a new favorite! Our insert provider sells a product they call “Angel Hair”, and it is truly angelic. Essentially, it feels like down (squishy, wonderful), but isn’t down. It is a synthetic fiber, so no more pokey feathers! We used that in the back cushions of these chairs, and boy is it amazing! We are converts and never going back. Check out the final product, the “Get Out of Jail Free Chairs”!

[pe2-gallery clas

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Last but not least, this Spruce Original is something that Amanda has been dying to do since we first saw this fabric. We finally took the plunge and think it paid off big time. There were a few months at the shop when amazing sofa frames basically fell into our lap once a week, so our shed is a bit of a sofa graveyard these days. This gal was lovingly names the “Doris Day Sofa” when referenced.

Once we got our hands on this sofa, we knew it was destined for greatness. Amanda finally got her wish, and we decided to use the fabric she has been dying to use. Since this fabric is so amazing, I will ease you into its booyah-ness.

Amazing, I know. Closer…

And the Piece De Resistance…

We are bananas about the “Painting the Roses Red” sofa! The length of the sofa (107 inches yowza) allows for this pattern to really soar. The various pinks, red, and neon yellow throughout are an unconventional pairing that make this sofa look truly unique. Here are a few more eye-candy photos.
[pe2-gallery class=”alignleft” ] IMG_4537 (900x584).jpgIMG_4546 (900x600).jpgIMG_4534 (900x600).jpgIMG_4542 (600x900).jpgIMG_4543 (570x900).jpgIMG_4547 (600x900).jpg[/pe2-gallery]


Come by the shop and take a look for yourself or check them out online. Hope you like the new Spruce Originals as much as we do!