Inspiration: NEON!!!

A summer stream of consciousness for you….

Sweltering humid heat, long days, late nights, neon lights through mini-blinds, oscillating fan doing its best to offer relief.  White sands, surf, bikinis, blue-green water, waves, floats, lazy rivers, sunburns,’ Zinc’. Do you remember ‘Zinc’? Lightning bugs, vacations, cool shades, umbrellas, aguas sabores…Ah! I know that the heat is brutal, but it’s my favorite time of the year. No other season can carry NEON!!! Having been a child in the 80’s when the stimulating hues had their heyday, neon holds a special place in my heart. Couple that with living in Florida and touring the vintage Art-Deco decadence that is Miami beach – what great memories I have of those days. For your (and my) posting pleasure, enjoy these visual celebrations of the ever-lovin’ electricity that is hot pink, acid yellow, electric blue, HAS MAT green, and everything in between.

An industrial design textile marvel from Scottish designer Angharad McLaren.

Samples from Angharad McLaren.

Angharad has a yen for neon and brilliantly blends it in complex weaves using shibori pleating techniques, nautical knotting, embroidery, you name it. Cheers to you McLaren!

If you want to know what else I love in addition to neon I’ll just tell you! Sheesh. It’s Ettore Sottsass and and the Memphis Associati. Here it is all in one glorious piece; just one of many important creations.

Mirror framed in Neon; Designed by Ettore Sottsass for Poltronova, 1970

Signore Sottsass.

Below, a bit of retro psychedelia that is totally tubular!

Day-Glo beach toys from artist Niki de Saint Phalle; Vogue 1968. Wow.

This is what I'm dreaming of! Love this so much - miss you Miami!


Miami Beach-inspired bungalow interior.

Oooohhh. I love this next one. Check out Irina Graewe‘s website (image from portfolio below). A talented and inspired German set designer/stylist/etc. Go look!

"Africa Meets Neon" styled by German designer Irina Graewe.

We got the day-glo bug here in the Spruce shop. Stay tuned later this week for a before-and-after that will knock your stinking sweaty socks off for real! It includes a delightful shade of highlighter yellow that I know you’ll appreciate.

Until the next time, friends. Feliz verano! Go swimming while you can!