Sprucette Book Review: Kate Spade New York: Things We Love

Kate Spade New York Book review

This book is to my eyes as a cupcake is to my stomach.  Its bright colors, striking patterns, and happy images instantly triggered my dopamine receptors.  Its creation was brought about to celebrate twenty years of  Kate Spade New York.  With chapters like “a well-placed bow” and “all that glitters”, this book is a great coffee table book for your fabulous guests to thumb through.  Think of it as Kate Spade’s Pinterest board…only it’s in print.   Allow me to share some of my favorite things.

Kate Spade New York polka dots

My friend, the polka dot.  I’ll have that coat please!

Kate Spade New York Book Happy

Happy, indeed!

Kate Spade New York Book black and white

A beautiful image accompanied with a domino lesson.

Kate Spade New York Book

Well said, Mark Twain, well said.

Here is a preview of some other fun chapters..Kate Spade New York Book Glitter

Everyone needs a little sparkle in their lives.  Sequins make me feel special.

Kate Spade New York Book books chapter

I love a good book, but I love a good book with a beautiful cover even more.

Kate Spade New York Book floral

Sometimes you need to stop and smell the roses, and sometimes you just need to wear them.

With the Spruce book quickly approaching, I have started to take notice of the little details that add to a book’s appeal.  From the gold-edged pages to the colorful chapter dividers, I think you will find it difficult to be bored. Every book needs an attractive cover because unlike some, I DO judge a book by its cover.  The jacket of the book is colorful and full of pretty trinkets and beneath it is an electric hot pink cover.  This book can only be described as some serious eye candy. Happy twentieth Kate Spade New York!