New Fabrics at Spruce!

I’m so glad the winter hours finally turned over. Again, I look forward to a fresh spring that boldly bursts my winter bubble. And good riddance! Let’s work on our gardens, overload on new music this week at SXSW (if you can hack it, hipsters!), and actively exfoliate our dry and dirty winter skins!

Speaking of shedding unneeded layers, why not don your frumpy furniture with a fresh new dermis? How ’bout a new pillow or two for a mood-lifter? We have so much new fabric flooding into the shop, it’d be a shame to let it sit idle. Grab some for an upholstery project, or concoct your own DIY assignment. Let’s take you for a fabric tour!

Duralee has sent us some exciting new books for your perusal! Their new Beau Monde collection features exciting, current, of-the-moment prints, patterns, and colors. Though these looks are truly “now”, they are designed in such a sensitive way with lasting quality and are sure to please through the years. My faves:

Duralee Wood Print on Cotton in Toffee

Duralee Decorative Velvet in Blue Ground and Green Velvet

Duralee Mottled Dot Woven in Green

Duralee Triangle Print in Peacock Blues on Cotton

Duralee patterns from top to bottom are: #21048-194 toffee; #15473-601 aqua/green; #21046-597 grass; and 21047-23 peacock. AWESOME!

Duralee’s luxury line, Clarke and Clarke, has some springy new offerings, as well. They took it literally with their Floribunda Collection! Look, see!

Floribunda Collection Clarke and Clarke Vignette

Clarke and Clarke Empress Rose in Black White Swatch

Clarke and Clarke Papillon in Chartreuse Swatch

Clarke and Clarke Floribunda in Sunset Swatch

Patterns above are from top to bottom #Fo474/02 Empress Rose in black/white; #F0473/03 Papillon in chartreuse; and #F0472/07 Floribunda in sunset. Smells as lovely as it looks! These patterns are medium to large in scale, so if you’re looking for pretty impact, look no further. They are offering wallpaper, too!!!!

Lastly, I want to show you some great new outdoor fabrics from Robert Allen. Wheee! They are too fun! Robert Allen has achieved a textile trifecta, combining their winning looks and name with Dwell Studio and Sunbrella. The collection includes a vintage jungle vibe, coupled with the coveted and demanded mid-century modern Danish treatment.




Fabrics from top to bottom are: Robert Allen’s “Delmano” in turquoise; “Jacinto” in tangerine, and “Nordic Stripe” in lime.

How enticing! But a photo never does a swatch justice. Come to the shop and view them in 3-D texture-vision! You’re gonna love them!