Spruce Happenings: Behind the Scenes with Creativebug and our New Website!

Hi there! Long time no talk! Are you all as busy as we have been? Here are just a couple reasons why things are so exciting and hectic for us lately!

Last month we teamed up with our buddies at Creativebug. Spruce is contributing a few instructional videos to their curriculum, which will soon be available for your subscribing pleasure! Three of the San Francisco-based Creativebug team members (Courtney, Brian, and Matt) along with an Austin local (Patrick, master of sound) hopped over to Spruce to film some exciting new projects, courtesy of our clever leader Amanda. Projects available will include upholstery, sewing, lampshade making, and a bit of light woodwork. Here they are in the throes of DIY action!

behind the scenes video shoot

It doesn’t look like much here! I’m always surprised at the smoke and mirrors that a cameraman can perform. Amanda and the Creativebug crew set up in the adjacent empty retail space next door to the Spruce shop (Thank you neighbors!). Through astute staging and situating, a beautiful video will be born!

diy video shootAmanda always makes the tutorials look so easy, be it in this round of tutorials, or in her first instructional Spruce DVD. What you don’t see are the potential for long hours of filming, mishaps, retakes, reedits, new directions, and constant talking all the while. After a week of shooting from day to night, the whole lot was beat. All in great fun for us and you, too. The results are worth it!

behind the scenes video shoot space


Spruce and Creativebug instructional video behind the scenes

This is just a sneak peek/teaser! Our tutorials are not yet posted on Creativebug‘s site, so stay tuned for the update. We’ll be sure to provide you with links once they’re available. Thank you SO MUCH to the crew for all your expertise!

In other news, Spruce has a brand new website! You may already be aware of it if you’re reading this blog! Ha!

Marvel at our newly “Spruced” home page…

spruce new website home page

We love the new appearance and have made an effort to streamline usability, reorganize, and update our style! As always, you can click on the different headings above to view the blog, see our current retail offerings, get info on our classes, or request a quote. It’s easier than ever!

Our revamped blog features bigger photos and a great section over to the side that shows us in our natural habitat, around the shop, at events, being silly…they’re shots from our Instagram, ya’ll! Follow us, why don’t you @Sprucehome?

spruce blog screen shot

We have put some focus into our classes section as well. We have a few tabs that I urge you to click on – go to the Classes tab, and click through the three different options for more info.

Spruce classes website

The Class Descriptions subheading gives you an overview of our classes, with buttons to register for those classes available. The Book Tour Class Registration tab (pictured above) lists our planned classes through Fall/Winter 2013. We’re going on the road, and we hope you’ll join us for classes and book signings wherever we land! The Register tab gives you the menu for quick-link class registration. Register for our classes while they’re still open!

We invite you to spend some time perusing our new website! Let us know if you have any questions, or feel free to upload your photo when you click Request A Quote on our front page. We’ll get you an estimate for your project – no problem!

See you online, or here at the shop!