Spruce Goes Extreme!

As the year winds down the work to get done by the Holidays always seems to wind up at Spruce! We have been busy little elves finishing our client projects, but have decided to take on a few side projects as well. Those of us in Central Texas are very familiar with the devastation the fires this year have caused for thousands of people. Well, the wonderful people at ExtremeMakeover Home Edition decided to help out and offered to rebuild the home of a family in need of a Christmas miracle. A few weeks ago we received a call and were asked to see if there was anything we can do. We took at look at what they needed and decided yes, we could help! So, in a matter of a few short days Amanda and Katherine spent extra hours and their weekends up at the shop creating one-0f-a-kind Spruce Originals for the new Smithville home. It was certainly a labor of love, and we couldn’t have been more pleased with how it all turned out. We are glad to have been able to help some deserving folks rebuild their future. Take a look at a few photos of the Spruce Originals for the home. We are so happy with how they turned out!

[pe2-gallery class=”alignleft” ] Extreme Home Makeover Sofa Before 2.JPGIMG_9068.JPGIMG_9064.JPGIMG_9074.JPGIMG_9153.JPGIMG_9154.JPG[/pe2-gallery] For awhile now we have wanted to get “Chair-iot”, the Spruce VW Bus, tricked out with decals and all our information. Finding the time to do it was harder than we thought ha! With all the excitement of EMHE furniture getting done, we decided to go ahead and take Chair-iot in for her own extreme makeover. With the help of Austin Budget Signs (Barbara you rock) in just one day Chair-iot’s cool factor bumped up big time. Take a look at our gal now, she’s a beaut!

[pe2-gallery class=”alignleft” ] Pimped Spruce Bus!.JPGPimped Spruce Bus! 3.JPGIMG_9169.JPG[/pe2-gallery]

Come by the shop this weekend and grab a few Christmas gifts for those you love, we hope to see you there!