Fall Class Transformations!




We have had such a busy few months so please forgive me for the late posting…but better late than never.  They came, they created, they conquered…and they had fun while doing so.  These classes are so much fun because the gratification is pretty much instant.  Goodwill worthy chairs become unique treasures in the matter of a day or two.  Take a look at our most recent transformations from our bench and chair classes.  If you get inspired you should take a look at our newly posted classes for January through March.

Bench class:

[pe2-gallery] IMG_8224.JPGIMG_8225.JPGIMG_8230.JPGIMG_8232.JPGIMG_8234.JPGIMG_8237.JPGIMG_8241.JPGIMG_8243.JPGIMG_8249.JPG[/pe2-gallery]

Chair Class:

[pe2-gallery] IMG_7603.JPGIMG_7604.JPGIMG_7608.JPGIMG_7609.JPGIMG_7605.JPGIMG_7606.JPGIMG_7617.JPGIMG_7621.JPGIMG_7611.JPGIMG_7612.JPGIMG_7622.JPGIMG_7624.JPG[/pe2-gallery]

[pe2-gallery] IMG_7184.JPGIMG_7213.JPGIMG_7215.JPGIMG_7218.JPGIMG_7219.JPGIMG_7222.JPGIMG_7228.JPGIMG_7232.JPGIMG_7235.JPGIMG_7250.JPGIMG_7251.JPGIMG_7254.JPG[/pe2-gallery]