Sewing Tip!

This may sound too basic to really make a difference, but trust, try! You’ll see!

We recently bought a hand-stapler from Capital City Upholstery Supply. I’m finding it particularly handy to “baste” my fabric together before sewing. Of course, there’s the traditional pinning method below…


Basting with pins...

Or the other way with your brand new hand-stapler!



Basting with staples...

While sewing your seam you don’t have to worry about metal in your stitch path.


Large projects like over-sized cushions are more easily managed with the staple method.  If you work with leather, I think this is a must-have. The staples can be placed in greater frequency so that your stretchy, slippery leather won’t budge. You can also use the hand stapler to secure a dacron/batting wrap on your foam cushion.

The staples are easily removed by hand or with any variety of puller/picker/ pry-er! Go get one. You’ll thank me later…you’re welcome!