Lampshade and Chair Class!


We’ve completed yet another lampshade and chair class and as always we had a great time.  The lampshade class was easy breezy laid back fun.  The class wasn’t full so we all shared a table and  chit chatted while making making lampshades. The special treat for that day was homemade banana pudding.

Last weekend’s chair class was a hoot.  We had some characters in that class.  The trio pictured in the opening photo kept everyone laughing.  There was even a slight casualty of a staple through a finger.  Don’t worry, She took it like a champ and kept on upholstering.  I soothed the pain with a dose of tiramisu.  It does the trick every time.  Amongst all of the chaotic fun, everyone still managed to produce amazing chairs.

[pe2-gallery] IMG_1044.JPGIMG_1046.JPGIMG_1047.JPGIMG_1048.JPGIMG_1049.JPGIMG_1053.JPGIMG_1055.JPGIMG_1060.JPGIMG_1061.JPGIMG_1063.JPGIMG_1067.JPGIMG_1069.JPGIMG_1071.JPGIMG_1075.JPGIMG_1084.JPGIMG_1079.JPGIMG_1096.JPGIMG_1097.JPGIMG_1099.JPGIMG_1086.JPGIMG_1106.JPG[/pe2-gallery]

Spring is nearly here!  It’s time to give your space a “fresher upper” with a bold new lampshade or an eye catching chair…or bench……or headboard.  Take a gander at our class schedule for this spring/summer and sign up or get on a waiting list.  It’s time that you treat yourself.