Round Top, Here We Come!

With Round Top right around the corner (March 31st through April 3rd), we’ve been spending our days day dreaming of the treasures we will find. The last time we attended, Spring 2008, we were overwhelmed with the amount of antique goods (it was our first time). This year, we’ve got a shopping list, and we’re ready to go. In addition to the Spruce shopping list for some fabulous retail and custom furniture projects, I’ve made a personal list. After all, if I haven’t found by now, it’s got to be at Round Top.

Here’s the list and a few photos for inspiration:

1. Wall Sconces for above my vanity


2. Book shelf with glass doors for a pantry for my kitchen


3. Wool woven rug for our living room, preferably something geometric

4. Old paintings, especially portraits

War Hero Painting (unknown artist)

5. Lamps for our bedside table. I’m thinking with some orange and a ginger jar shape


6. Antique legs to put on a sitting bench for the end of my bed.

I’ll keep you posted on what I find!