Inspiration Blog: The 70’s

I’m taking it back a few years. Back to the days of feathered hair, mustaches, and avocado colored wall phones with 300 feet of cord. Spruce has recently discovered a new claim to fame that we are totally stoked about. Whilst watching Dazed and Confused, only one of the greatest high school and 70’s movies, we realized that Spruce is IN THE MOVIE! The film was directed by Austin native Richard Linklater (who we have done work for!) and filmed in Austin as well. When the crew goes to the Emporium to cruise for chicks and drink some Bud, we took a closer look and realized that it was shot ACROSS the street from our studio. You can see the neon sign that stands right in front of Spruce. Of course, we went back and watched again and saw that as the dudes are pulling in you can actually SEE the Spruce building! We are pumped to be able to associate ourselves with a movie where it’s cool to have high-waisted jeans, parties at the moon tower, and lines like “It’d be a lot cooler if you did.”


This reminded me of all the things that I do love from the 70’s. Here are few of those things; hopefully you agree that this was an excellent decade.

The Television Programs – Love that we still use the laugh track, and shows had lines like “Up your nose with a rubba hose!!”

The Furniture – From the functional to the bizarre

Austin is a great town for the love of vintage. We definitely see this with the furniture that comes through our door for a little revamp. I am always a fan of a good throw back, so thanks for being so far out 1970’s.