Play it again Sam!

In the spirit of SXSW coming to town I thought I would do a musical review of what seems to be getting the repeat button here at Spruce. Now you know I am the front gal, which means I am the Master of my Music Domain. I love coming in each morning and thinking “What kind of day is it?” Is it Stevie, Elton, Billy, Randy T, or maybe even Justin Bieber (I know its totally embarrassing that I like a 13 year old pop star, gotta own it though)? I can steer the direction of my day and any particular task I am doing by the tunes I choose to play. If you catch me dancing with a broom in my hand at the beginning of the day listening to Dolly Parton sing “9 to 5”, I am sorry you had to witness it 🙂

Here is a list of a few bands/singers that I just can’t get enough of these days.


Pretty much unreal in my book. There is limited use of vocals throughout their work, and I believe they are all the better for it. Balmorhea uses all types of instruments, with a heavy emphasis on the classical ones such as piano, cello, and violin. Their songs will honestly transport you to another place. You will become a super fan if you just press play.

Mumford & Sons

This is a band that a friend who lives over in the UK sent to me. He said “you gotta hear this”, and boy was he right. These guys are an English Indie folk band from London.  Their vibrance and range is really what sold it in for me. Some of their songs are so spirited that I can imagine they would blow the doors off a live show. And just as boisterous as some of their more popular songs are, they have hidden gems that sound more like a ballad on the record. Their placement of harmonies is perfection. Listen to the album from start to finish, you will not be disappointed.

Imogen Heap

Gotta give a shout out to the ladies! This chick is totally rad. She is completely unique and like no other artist out there. This plays out in her fashion sense as well as her use of electronic sounds and instruments. Years ago when I first heard her, I thought it was a computer and not a woman singing! The way she will layer her own voice over and over itself is totally captivating. She actually uses a Key-tar (keyboard guitar folks) where each key was her voice in a different octave. KILLER!

Here are some favorite tunes right now of the other Sprucettes:

Amanda – Count Basie: Her brain is always going and this smooth jazz has helped her lately to chillax.

Lizzie– Chris Isaak: He has been getting a lot of air time as well as FACE TIME! Please reference here our amazing garage sale find, a Chris Isaak poster that graces the wall next to our sewing machine (and Lizzie kissing it).

Tessa– Broken Bells: She is gearing up for their show during SXSW. This is a band that includes the lead singer of the Shins and artist-producer Danger Mouse.

Keegan– The trusty MIX CD! Her sis made her a mix that includes some greats like Can’t Touch This, Honky Tonk Bedonky Donk, and MmmBop. As eclectic as Keegan is!