Adorable Animals

So, you may have noticed that we’re a bunch of animal lovers here at Spruce!  Seriously, I have 3 dogs, most of the artwork in my house has animals in it, a knit giraffe welcomes me home every day, and I often go to bed watching Animal Planet.  Don’t believe me?  You may remember these photos from before:

That being said, you can imagine how much I love well-designed animal themed fabrics and wallpapers!  Here are some of my favorites I’ve found.

There are a bunch of great dog patterns out there!  This one from Schumacher, called Diamond Dogs, is what I would LOVE to put on my dining chairs.  One day…

This one, from Osborne and Little is my other favorite.  It comes in fabric and wallpaper and, get this, it’s FLOCKED.

William Wegman designed a collection with Kravet featuring his signature Weimaraners.  If you have a dog that eats/destroys its bed, have us make you a new one out of this stuff.  It’s indestructible!  My sister’s Great Dane has had a bed made from this fabric for the last 5 years.  I think that’s pretty solid!

Here are few just because I like them.  Check out the faint horse one–would you not have done anything in the world to have this in your bedroom when you were seven?!  And, I love the one with the little deer!!  Yay springtime and adorable woodland creatures!