Our 5th Annivarsary Party In Pictures

Thank you friends, family, loved ones, clients, Austin, and all of those who visited with us last Friday evening! You made it a warm and blissful 5th Annivarsary party.

Below is 2/3 of the Spruce crew…Frank left early with his brood and evaded the papparazzi. (Katherine made the fringy festoons from our scrap fabric and excess welt cord. You can get it at Spruce!)


Please enjoy the collection of party pics from our special night. We truly appreciate you all and thank you endlessly for your loyal support and friendship. Here’s to five more years, and beyond!

[pe2-gallery] IMG_1530.JPGIMG_1534.JPGIMG_1537.JPG[/pe2-gallery][pe2-gallery] IMG_1554.JPGIMG_1555.JPGIMG_1557.JPG[/pe2-gallery][pe2-gallery] IMG_1566.JPGIMG_1570.JPGIMG_1571.JPG[/pe2-gallery][pe2-gallery] IMG_1580.JPGIMG_1582.JPGIMG_1576.JPG[/pe2-gallery][pe2-gallery] IMG_1586.JPGIMG_1590.JPGIMG_1593.JPG[/pe2-gallery][pe2-gallery] IMG_1595.JPGIMG_1601.JPGIMG_1602.JPG[pe2-gallery] IMG_1605.JPGIMG_1606.JPGIMG_1607.JPG[/pe2-gallery][pe2-gallery] IMG_1611.JPGIMG_1612.JPGIMG_1623.JPG[/pe2-gallery][pe2-gallery] IMG_1614.JPGIMG_1591.JPGIMG_1613.JPG[/pe2-gallery]

If you missed the party, feel free to make it up to us and visit us at the shop! We’d love to see you. Cheers from Spruce!