October’s Lampshade Class!


Everything about last week’s lampshade was unorthodox.  There were only 2 students, one teacher, and a lampshade switcheroo right in the middle of the class.  Amanda and Meredith were busy at Design Camp so Clar manned the Spruce ship, and I flew solo as the lampshade professor.  But you know that class was a blast!  Merri, Lindsey, and I basically got to hang out and laugh all day while making some pretty cool lampshades.  Lindsey took over the making of my sister’s lampshade.  Merri also did a stellar job with her shade.  I am slightly obsessed with this cool, galaxy-like fabric that her husband (yes, her husband!) picked out for her.  Photos don’t really do it justice.  The fabric had a swirl of different blues with gold flecks throughout. The perfect fabric for a lampshade!

In the spirit of Halloween, I attempted caramel dipped, chocolate covered apples (rolled in Heath bar!)  They were pretty tasty but I think I might try a less firm caramel sauce for the next batch.  Here are some shots from class.

[pe2-gallery] IMG_1647.JPGphoto 1.JPGIMG_1651.JPGIMG_1652.JPGIMG_1648.JPGIMG_1649.JPGphoto 2.JPGIMG_1677.JPGIMG_1653.JPGphoto 1 (2).JPGphoto 2 (2).JPGphoto 4.JPG[/pe2-gallery]

You can see from the shots above, there was not one photo that we were not laughing. That’s just how much fun we had!  Merri and Lindsey made quick friends and have plans to tackle an over-sized drum shade.  Not only can you learn things in our classes but you make friends too!  Thank you Merri and Lindsey for a fun Friday!