Nugget(s) of the Week!

Coming out of a great holiday weekend can be tough. Luckily we had some fun nuggets this week to keep the weekend spirit going! First, Monday night we had a “Sprucette Bonding Night” seeing the new Sex and the City movie. We headed to Alamo Drafthouse, loaded up on fried pickles and some brewskies! We all loved the flick, and to top it off, the theater had life-size camels to add ambiance. You can see our attempts to give our best “smoldering” looks, but I don’t know if we were successful. 🙂

Another fun nugget of the week is some new and exciting retail furniture that we finished up! We’ve added a sofa, chair, and ottoman to our collection. They are all covered in gorgeous blues, oranges, and greens. Orange is definitely a favorite around here! Check out the photos below for a peek at everything new, or come by the shop and see for yourself.

Also, this week Spruce has gotten an upgrade with the addition of a new camera! We thought we would join the 21st century and get something a lil’ fancy. We have had fun so far snapping all kinds of photos around the shop. If only the operator (me) was as awesome at taking photos as the camera is at capturing them! Soon enough we will all be professional, you just wait.

Hope you have another great weekend of sun and fun, and hopefully we will see you at Spruce!