Inspiration of the Week: Sex and the City 2

As you already know, the Sprucettes attended a viewing of Sex and the City 2 last week. Afterwards, we were gushing over the interiors, furniture and fabrics used. In the first movie, Carrie’s apartment underwent a major renovation. In the sequel, her apartment with Big was even more striking. So, since we all left eager to recreate the look, I decided to do some searching online for some pieces we could Spruce up,  Sex-and-the-City-style.

The living room in Carrie's Old Apartment

I’ve been gushing over these love seats since the first movie. Check out this set (CLICK HERE) I found on Etsy. Paired with a modern floral print on a crisp linen, you too could have Carrie’s sitting room.

Carrie and Big's Kitchenette Chairs

I’ve always been a fan of the clean lines of Danish furniture. Check out this set I found on Ebay (CLICK HERE). These chairs are a steal and have such an unusual back design. They’re even better than the ones from the movie.

Carrie and Big's Living Room

The Sprucettes have revamped many arm chairs like these. Look at this bargain-find on Ebay (CLICK HERE). Paired with a nubby solid, this could suit any space.

While searching for images, I found two great blogs who have dissected the Sex and the City set. Check them out for furnishing resources, or stop by Spruce to make these sets a reality.

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