Nugget of the Week: On-site in Dripping Springs

This week we packed up our shop and headed west to work on an on-site project in Dripping Springs. We’ve been waking up before dawn and getting our day started early so we can avoid the afternoon traffic. While I am not a morning person, it’s actually been really nice to see the sunrise out by all the ranches, hills and streams…their property ain’t too shabby either! We’ve been enjoying our lunch breaks, sitting on the porch, watching the horses, deer, and turkeys go by.

I have to say (from what I can tell), this family knows how to enjoy life. They have acres and acres of land, on which they’re in the process of building. Of all the people working on their property, I think we have, by far, the coolest project to work on–the private party venue! Yes, this is its own building on the property, complete with a bar, built-in seating, DJ booth, and some rad decor items to be brought in shortly, such as a mirrored Buddha. I can’t wait to see it all put together!

The past few days we’ve been working on padding and fitting the fabric to the zig-zag shaped booth seating along the two side walls. Here are some photos showing the process.