Fabric: All Things Floral

I know that it has been mentioned before that I adore flowers. As often as I spend my free time devouring design inspiration, I am also trying to soak up all that I can about flowers. If I could have fresh flowers in my home every week, I would die happy. I love their fragrance, colors, and shapes. I find that I appreciate most how versatile and different each one is. No two are EXACTLY alike. The vision for what the flowers can become in an arrangement completely depends on the creator. This is much like what we do here at Spruce! No two clients walk in wanting the exact same piece of furniture. And many times two very similar pieces of furniture, say a chair, come here and leave looking completely different from each other.

There are so many unbelievable florists all over the country. Here are a few of the ones that inspire me!

Flowers in the context of fabric can be very unique as well. A floral print is no longer just used by those with traditional taste. Floral prints can now be very graphic, delicate, or even modern. Here are a few of my favorite floral prints we have in the studio.