Nugget of the Week: New Retail and Fourth-of-July Pixie!

The first nugget of the week is a few exciting additions to our shop! We have just completed an AMAZING Mid Century sofa. We acquired this from a spry eighty-year-old woman who was kind enough to give me a lesson  in penmanship while she was here in the studio (apparently the way I hold my pen is going to give me shoulder pain, who knew). We fell in love with the shape and overall look of the sofa. If you look closely, the ends of the back have an almost “wing-like” shape to them. We took this guy down to the bones and when rebuilding decided to give it an attached cushion in the back. Keegan did an amazing job, and boy is this sofa comfortable! Perfect sofa for napping I think 🙂 . Come in and take a sit for yourself on the Eisenhower Sofa, you will NOT want to get up.

We have also had a few vintage additions in the form of lamps to our shop. Go online and take a peak or come by the store.

Lamps Galore!

There is someone too cute not to mention at the shop this week. It’s our own “Fourth-of-July” Pixie! She went to the groomers this week and they pulled out all of the stops by giving her a new do and some festive accessories. The second those bows were on her ears she was itching to get them off, but they were too adorable to remove. After a few days, those bows were history, but take a look at how cute our little lady is!