Inspiration of the Week: Get out of Town!

I am dying to take a summer trip!  My hubby and I have been talking about taking a road trip somewhere.  As the summer days fly by, our aspirations have gotten less and less grand.  It started as a road trip to the Grand Canyon (I’ve never been) and has become, “hmm….maybe we can squeeze in a weekend trip to the coast”–which, really would be heavenly and just as welcome.  The last few days I have been torturing myself looking at various destinations online.  While a trip to some tropical paradise would be lovely, it’s not going to happen this year.  BUT–there are some cool things closer to home and I think maybe we should venture west to Marfa!

Everyone who’s been to Marfa, Texas loves it–and why not?  Great landscapes (with Mystery Lights!), great art, cool places to stay, and a Prada store that it’s impossible to do any damage in because it is sealed.