Nugget of the Week: Chronicle Best of Austin and New Furniture!

This week has been short but full! We have been working at the speed of light on a hospital project, finishing some lovely dining chairs, W Hotel art chairs and much more. However, the most notable items this week we are BEYOND excited about! First, this past weekend this year’s edition of the Chronicle’s Best of Austin came out and yours truly was in it! Spruce made the Critic’s Choice list for “Best Place to Recover.” The write-up is just glowing and makes us proud to do what we do. And who wouldn’t be excited to hear other people love it too!?! Check it out online.

Next, we have expanded our retail selection with the MOST STUNNING wooden furniture, so many tables, buffets, chests, and chairs! With a U-Haul and a little TLC, we have been able to add these gorgeous items to the Spruce lineup. If you are looking for any pieces with that Art Deco or Mid Century feel, Spruce is the place to look! We have even rearranged the shop to accommodate all this incredible furniture. We love being able to continue to offer our clients not only upholstered furniture, but other pieces that will complete their space! We are in the process of putting all of these items on Etsy, but come and take a look here in the shop for yourself!

Have a great weekend and hope you enjoyed the short week!