Inspiration Blog: Maharam!

One of my favorite fabric manufacturers for years has been Maharam – and it’s right here at Spruce! Check out some my favorite samples below…

Image 1 and 2: “A Band Apart” in 003 Unique; 001 Unique colorway below. Poly-Cotton Blend. Dynamic, current, geometric, awesome!! Reminding me of Logan’s Run…!

Image 3 and 4: ” Checker Split” on top and “Facets” below. Designed by Alexander Gerard in 1965 and 1952, respectively. Theses cloths are cotton-poly blends and double-weaves! The pattern on top of the fabric and bottom are the inverse of one another. Both sides are useable! See image 4 below for the inverse of “Facets”; “Double Triangles” is shown on top and the inverse is easily visible. These designer classics are amazing! Facets is my fave – thinking of adinkra and textile prints from West Africa.

Image 5: “Folklore” in Cerulean. This one is the most durable in the bunch, at a 100,000 double-rubs. This will withstand a lot – great for kiddos rooms and colorful for them too. Or – great for big kids like me!

Image 6: “Jacobs Coat” in Multi-Colored Bright. Another great textile from Alexander Girard. Wool blend, designed in 1959. I am marking this for my favorite chair.

Check out Maharam at the shop or online!